Introduction to Me and the Blog

16 Jan

I’m a modern day gypsy, traveling the roads and skies of America promoting and marketing Limousin cattle through all aspects of the production process. These journeys take me all across the country into every facet of the industry, from the researchers developing new technologies to the seedstock and commercial cattlemen to family and commercial feedlots all the way through packing plants and the retailers. Along the way, I get to interact with all different kinds of people in different situations and from different backgrounds while spreading the story of beef and Limousin cattle.

The idea behind having a blog stems from the fact that in my position I am constantly asked, “What is going on out in the country?” Typically I have some type of glib answer and tend to forget things that are highly important. In this way, breeders can keep up with the events and advances in the Limousin business in one place as they happen. Also in working for a breed association, I find that there is a lag between the policies and programs that are going on and what the membership is aware of. This leads to some confusion which hopefully can be alleviated by explanations of the policies, programs, and the plans behind them.

One of the gifts of the job and getting to travel are the interactions with the public. I find that most people are curious about ranching and ranchers even though they are disconnected from the farm and have a hard time understanding the technology. Luckily they still trust ranchers and cattlemen. They just need to meet them or be exposed to them more often and be helped to understand modern beef production. Through some of my travels and interaction, I hope to expose people to the truths about agriculture and the great people that make a living producing this country’s food.

Finally, this allows an outlet for the thoughts and ruminations that I have during the hours spent traveling the back roads of the country. So hopefully you can join me as I catalog the events in the industry, the science behind beef production, and the people, questions, and ideas that pop up along the way.


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2 responses to “Introduction to Me and the Blog

  1. Farm the Start

    January 19, 2012 at 4:43 am

    Lord help all of us reading for the ideas that pop into your head along the way!

    In all seriousness, I’m pretty excited you started a blog. You have a deeper understanding than I probably ever will, and you’re even great at making that knowledge accessible to the average “person of the public”…which you and I both know can be rare to find! Congratulations

  2. Kevin Murray

    January 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Good luck with your blog! Sounds like your on the right track helping folks keep up with the industry.

    I like the idea of ruminations from a ramblin’ gyspy cowboy!


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